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Blue4All Featured in Dove Magazine

The Blue4All has been prominently featured in the latest edition of Dove, Italy's premier travel magazine. This issue includes a comprehensive article dedicated to the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Capo Carbonara in Villasimius, which emphasizes its environmental and ecological significance.

Authored by Susanna Lavazza with photography by Ettore Cavalli, the article recognizes Blue4All as one of the most innovative initiatives. It highlights the project's efforts to align the interests…

What is the needs assessment in Blue4all about?

Photo by Max Avans

The Blue4All project has recently conducted a needs assessment across its Living Labs to identify key needs and challenges within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). This assessment, crucial for the conservation goals of each Living Lab, involved active stakeholder engagement through workshops and interviews. The findings from this assessment will help in developing targeted tools to enhance MPA management, which will be tested and validated by 2025. This initiative underscores Blue4All's commitment to fostering…

Become an MPA manager for a day! - Report of the session is out!

Don't miss the nice summary of our roleplaying game at the 2024 UN Ocean Decade’s satellite event “Marine Protected Areas Forum”.

Verso una Nuova Gestione delle Aree Marine Protette: L'iniziativa Blue4All a Villasimius

The Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara towards the updating of the protection areas (zoning) with the Blue4all project. 

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UN Ocean Decade - MPA forum!

As part of the UN Ocean Decade Conference, to be held in Barcelona, the Marine Protected Areas forum took place from April 8-9th, to explore challenges, best practices and solutions across the globe regarding MPAs. As part of it, BLUE4ALL coordinated the session "Become an MPA manager for a day! - A roleplaying game" which took the audience into the shoes of an MPA manager and the challenges they commonly face. 

Launching the Stakeholder Engagement Group for Enhanced Conservation in Capo Carbonara MPA

On March 7th, at the premises of the Municipality of Villasimius, the operational meeting of the Blue4All project took place. Funded by the European HORIZON Europe Ocean Mission program, the project aims to strengthen the network and management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in Europe, with the MEDSEA foundation and the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area as partners.

Become an MPA manager for a day! - A roleplaying game to be co-developed by BLUE4ALL

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you step into the shoes of a Marine Protected Area (MPA) manager in this playful workshop. Feel the thrill of navigating the challenges managers face, negotiating with diverse stakeholders, and making critical decisions for biodiversity conservation and sustainable marine resource utilisation. This immersive roleplay game promises to foster a deep understanding of their crucial role in achieving environmental goals. Get ready for an exciting adventure that combines education with strategic thinking, as you tackle the complexities of coastal conservation…

Do you speak Finnish? Then this page on BLUE4ALL is for you!

Syke has published a page bout BLUE4ALL and we would like to share it with you! 

Exciting Developments at the BLUE4ALL General Assembly in Lecce, Italy

The BLUE4ALL project's General Assembly in Lecce, Italy, was a convergence of intellect and progress celebration, spanning from January 23 to 26, 2024. This meeting brought together representatives from all 20 partner organizations at the Fondazione CMCC (Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici), facilitating an exchange of insights and outlining future directions.

The 2nd issue of our BLUE HORIZONS is out!

­As in the first issue of our joint newsletter, we are thrilled to bring you this collaborative project that unites the audiences of both BLUE4ALL and MSP4BIO projects, to bring you the latest updates of these projects, as well as the latest news on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), and Ocean Conservation.

Blue4All and MSP4BIO participated in the 3rd Natura 2000 Biogeographical Seminar for the Baltic marine region

The Natura 2000 biogeographical process’s aim is to promote knowledge exchange, networking, and cooperation on Natura 2000 related issues at a biogeographical region level. In recent years, the process has been expanded to enhance the pledge and review process of EU’s biodiversity strategy for 2030 targets for improving conservation for protected species and habitats. 

Co-creation of tailored tools for better marine protection begins in BLUE4ALL Living Labs in year 2024

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Learning how to advance marine protection lies at the heart of the BLUE4ALL project.

The presentations and recording of the 1st EU Blue Parks Community workshop are now available!

If you missed the 1st EU Blue Parks Community workshop ‘Working together for the protection and restoration of marine ecosystems and biodiversity’, or would like to listen again to the presentations and discussion, then don't miss this!

Updates from Capo Carbonara Learning Lab

Read about the meeting between BLUE4ALL and the new administration of the Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area in Sardinia. 

Mission Arena – Results of workshop! 🤩

Our workshop, ‘Safeguarding Biodiversity Strengthening Marine Protected Area Networks, policy coherence and community involvement’, co-organized with the MSP4BIO projectCool Blue Project and CrossGov Project, had a very interesting list of speakers that participated in the four sessions.

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