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Blueprint Platform

Actors and stakeholders from the different Living Lab countries will be invited together with experts from within the consortium to discuss the content and format of the perfect user-friendly blueprint for effective, efficient and resilient MPAs and MPA networks.  

Based on the experience of the partners and users that will be engaged, the blueprint’s main functionalities will be identified on user requirements. The blueprint will be designed using an interactive framework in which users and stakeholders will co-design and co-develop it together with technical, scientific and experts (e.g. MPA managers). 


The main components of the Blueprint Platform will be the “Client application” running in the user’s web browser and a “RESTful 1 web service”, which retrieves data from the Database and provides them to the Client. The communication between the Client and the Web Service will take place through the HTTP protocol. Documents guidance to the application of the interactive web-based platform will be developed. 

The development will be done through progressive versioning. The client part of the Blueprint Platform will be developed using Angula based web frameworks. The main advantage of this framework is that it is cross platform and it allows writing the same app once for multiple platforms. The framework makes the development cost-efficient reducing the need for maintenance. We will deliver and present the different progressive versions of the Blueprint Platform to the user and stakeholder communities that will be involved in the testing phase.  

The software development will be based on agile methods, such as the Test-driven development which is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle. Existing tools for partners within the consortium and external stakeholders will be include through interoperable services or by the development of Adaptor. Based on the results of the outcome of the interaction with the Living Labs on the user-friendliness and efficiency of the Blueprint Platform, the Blueprint Platform will be finetuned. 

The Blueprint Platform (with tools and a manual) will be tested on user-friendliness through a set of interactive workshops with key actors and stakeholders from the Living Labs. The final version of the Blueprint platform will be delivered in this task based on the finetuning with stakeholders. We will collect feedback in an interactive way thus allowing a rapid deployment of the new versions in a co-design and co-development manner.