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MPA Networking Platform

The LinkedIn group dedicated to the BLUE4ALL project is a forum for professionals which will facilitate the dialogue within and across the test sites and allow effective exchange between MPA managers and their key stakeholders for the development of Living Labs. It will operate as an MPA Network Knowledge Transfer Platform, mainly targeting the MPA managers, to allow communication along the network and engagement of different audiences to support MPA managers engage with different stakeholders – tourism, fisheries, etc.

BLUE4ALL project works on strengthening the MPA networks by mapping the key influential actors and developing specific strategies to intensify the dialogue in each of the networks. To this purpose, the MPA Networking Platform can operate both locally for the concrete MPA and among MPA managers of different locations to exchange experiences. It is used to develop specific Living Labs, stimulate interaction and responsive participation, and enhance communication between different Living Labs.

This networking platform allows for live chat, video conferences and webinars, as well as sharing of documents. The platform is developed as a restricted access area, available only to BLUE4ALL MPA managers and associated stakeholders.


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