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Bothnian Sea National Park

Sea basin


Habitats: coastal/offshore

Single MPA or MPA network

Designation type

 Size (km2)

Baltic Sea



Single MPA

National nature reserve and Natura 2000

913 km²

Main pressures on the environment


Fishing and Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

Tourism and recreation

Climate change

Maritime traffic

Dredging and dumping

Infrastructure development (coastal and offshore)

Invasive and alien species

Best practices from this site

The development of a thorough management plan, following an established structure from the national nature conservation authority, that is also managing and monitoring the park, was key to the success of the national park. A well-organised participatory process for drafting the management plan also proved to be successful, in parallel with several thematic and regional working groups, as well as several public events and a newsletter. A close collaboration by the park managers and local tourism businesses is another good practice example in the area.


Finnish Environmental Institute

Riku Varjopuro