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Mission Ocean

What is the Mission?

With a 2030 target, the EU Mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters" aims to protect and restore the health of our ocean and waters through research and innovation, citizen engagement and blue investments. The Mission’s new approach will address the ocean and waters as one and play a key role in achieving climate neutrality and restoring nature.

Cross-cutting enabling actions will support this objective, in particular broad public mobilisation and engagement and a digital ocean and water knowledge system, known as Digital Twin Ocean.

The Mission supports regional engagement and cooperation through area-based “lighthouses” in major sea/river basins: Atlantic-Arctic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic-North Sea, and Danube-Black Sea. Mission lighthouses are sites to pilot, demonstrate, develop  and deploy the Mission activities across EU seas and river basins

BLUE4ALL and Mission Ocean

There are many projects funded under EU Mission Ocean aiming at achieving altogether the overall goal of restoring our Oceans and Waters by 2030. In 2021, BLUE4ALL was funded with 5 other projects with the “Projects to protect and restore our ocean and waters” goal.

However, there were many others funded for:

  • Projects to fight pollution
  • Projects to support a sustainable blue economy
  • Projects to involve citizens, key allies of the Mission
  • Coordination support action for each of the lighthouses of the Mission
  • Coordination support action for the Mission in general

Portfolio Analysis

The European Commission has published a Portfolio Analysis Report identifying over 800 EU-funded projects, from 16 EU funding programmes, contributing to the objectives of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters”. The analysis has been performed with the assistance of 12 independent experts and the projects analysed belong to 16 EU funding programmes. The analysis has produced a Report and a Dashboard. The Dashboard allows users to interact with the data by visualising and filtering from general to more detailed information, according to specific interests.

Blue4All is contributing to Objective 1a of the mission together with another 150 projects.